Hayden Bennett
(left) and Will Bevins (right)
1st Place Overall Winner
“Who’s Your Mummy?”
“For our project we each took three items, a carrot, a hot dog and a tangerine to see which would preserve them best, salt or baking soda. Will took one of each of those items in jars full of baking soda for six weeks. I put one of each of those items in a jar full of salt for six weeks and at the end of six weeks we took them out and observed to determine how much percentage of weight had been lost by each. It was concluded that salt removed the most weight.”
...Hayden Bennett

Jane Millett
(left) and Sarah Slusher (right), 7th grade
2nd Place Overall Winner
“Which Ibuprofen Product - Coated Tablets or Soft Gel Capsules - Dissolves the Fastest?
“We tested to see which ibuprofen product, coated tablets or soft-gel capsules would dissolve faster. Our hypothesis was that the ibuprofen soft-gel capsules would dissolve quicker, but actually the coated tablets did. We put them in vinegar which is equal to the pH level in your stomach and we gave them a 10 minute time period. The coated tables dissolved completely in seven minutes and the soft-gel capsules took up to 20 minutes.”                                                                                                                                  ... Jane Millett

Myra Gent - 3rd Place Overall Winner
“Which Antacids Work The Best?”
“The purpose of these experiment was to determine which antacid out of Tums Regul, Tums Extra Strength, Maloxx, Alka-Seltzer, Zantac or regular baking soda neutralizes hydrochloric acid the best. The conclusion was baking soda worked best, and it cost the least. Zantac was the highest in price.”                           ... Myra Gent

Taylor McClelland, 6th Grade - Best In Class Winner
“Get Out Of Jail Free: A Lesson in Probability!”
“The purpose was to find out which die-throwing method between five would most likely result in doubles. Out of the forceful drop, pour from cup, side roll, gentle drop and throw in the air, the forceful drop got 26 doubles of 100 attempts. For each die-throwing method I rolled the dice 100 times with that method. The forceful drop increased your chances of rolling doubles by nine percent. Two other methods, the side roll and the throw in the air also increased your chances of rolling doubles. I got the idea for this from playing Monopoly with my sister. When you get in jail and do not want to pay to get out, you can get out by rolling doubles. This made me wonder which die-throwing method would most likely result in doubles, so I tested it and found the forceful drop increased your chances by nine and resulted in more doubles than the other methods.”
 ... Taylor McClelland

Christoff Naylor, 7th grade - Best In Class Winner
“Effects of Sodium on Electrolysis of Water”
“I was trying to figure out if increased sodium content when performing electrolysis would increase the hydrogen and oxygen output of the water. We tested four different times using ½ tablespoon, 1 tablespoon, 2 tablespoons and 4 tablespoons. We found the hydrogen increased dramatically, but the oxygen seemed to stay the same.” 
.......Christoff Naylor

Madison Saylor, 8th Grade - Best In Class Winner
“The Math Behind the Cube”
“The purpose of the project was to find the fastest way to solve a Rubix Cube using two factors – time it takes to solve it and number of moves. I used two popular already know ways, the standard method by David Singmaster and Ryan Hughes’ method, plus I designed my own algorithm. The result was my algorithm was the slowest with most number of moves. The standard method was the second slowest with the second most moves. The fastest method to solve a Rubix Cube was Ryan Hughes’ method with 47 moves.”
... Madison Saylor

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